So if they’re making 4 million per day, why can’t I find any?

There’s a neat video that documents how CCI makes .22 rimfire ammunition in Lewiston, ID. There were several things I found interesting about the manufacturing process but the most interesting was the daily production – 4,000,000 rounds per day or nearly 1.5 BILLION rounds per year just from this one site.

That only seems like a lot until you wonder how long it would be before you could find a brick at Wal-Mart if everyone in the US with a .22 pistol or rifle tried to buy a brick first. Here goes:

• 300 million people in the US.
• One firearm per person on average.
• One in four firearms is a .22.
• 550 rounds in a brick.
• 15 billion rounds per year ( see below ).

That yields 300,000,000 / 4 * 550 / 15,000,000,000 = 2.79 years.

Cool! Now I know what Mrs. Roscoe can get me for my birthday in 2016.

So where did I get 15 billion rounds per year? From Manufacturing Census Reports. Click to embiggen.

22 sales


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