A Tale of Three Light Bulbs

I heard about the new Cree LED light bulbs being sold at HD and thought maybe it would be worth picking a couple up.

Then again, maybe not.

The glowing ad for the Cree bulbs in the IBD story compares their energy efficiency to incandescent bulbs, not CFLs. When you compare them to CFLs, maybe we should all just wait a while.

The Cree light is 10 times as expensive as the least expensive CFL that HD sells but still uses nearly three quarters of the energy that the CFL does. Using 3 hours per day and 11₵/kWh, it will take LED bulbs 29 years to save the difference in the price from CFLs.

Call me again when the LED’s use one tenth the electricity and only cost 3 times as much as the CFLs.


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