Chess playing middle school teachers are hard to find

If you’ve been following the news, you may realize that our President has painted himself into a couple of corners. The foreign policy corner was his claim that Syria mustn’t use chemical weapons – or else – and then having to clarify what he meant by “or else” after credible sources turned up proof of use of chemical weapons in Syria. The domestic policy corner was his dire prediction that the sky would fall if the sequester was allowed to take effect. There’s been some bother from the sequester but nothing that Congress can’t fix for him.

Ruth Marcus wrote a delightful column full of advice for the President wherein she points out that successful Presidents must have the skills of a chess master and a middle school teacher. She thinks that he’s missing at least one of these two. Guess which one:

“Obama, on Syria and sequester, risks becoming instead the hapless substitute, pelted by spitballs.”

I almost feel sorry for him.


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