The best eulogy I ever heard…

… was delivered by my brother this weekend. Of course, Cooter is not actually my brother.

My aunt and uncle died in an accident nearly forty years ago. After the accident, Cooter and his younger brother and sister came to live with us.

Not having had brothers to this point, every day was an adventure. This was especially true with Cooter as he was close enough in age to me that we were in the same grade together through middle school and high school.

I’d tell you about one of those adventures except that this post is about the eulogy Saturday. The occasion was a memorial service for my mother. There was no minister there, just my dad, his brother, the five of us kids, and the grandchildren. The eulogy was not long but it was from the heart. Cooter told how my mother’s definition of family stretched to include her husband’s sister’s children. He also told how she always found your talent and encouraged you in it.

Again, the eulogy wasn’t that long. I don’t remember all the words but what I do remember is the feeling of my mother’s love. That’s all that matters.


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