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Just counting the days


I wish they’d work a little faster.


Note to self –


Sometimes missing a little sleep is worth it.


We walked by that section of beach about 10:30 p.m. If we’d come back a couple of hours later, we’d have seen Mama making a deposit.

We’ve seen the wee beasties leaving the nest later in the summer but never been there early enough in the season to see the tracks coming up out of the surf.

Tree Rats

I did not know that they liked aluminum.


The nice people from the State Power Corporation said that they see this all the time. No one is sure why the squirrels tree rats do this.

I must admit that I was a bit freaked out when lights started getting brighter and dimmer by themselves. Evidently that’s what happens when you lose the neutral wire.

I’ll be putting out the Havahart tomorrow. With any luck, I’ll be deporting tree rats by the weekend.