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Now the good people of Marietta will get to pay for this one

It appears that the trial for De’Marquise Elkins has been moved from Brunswick to Marietta.

In case you’ve forgotten, Mr. Elkins is either the innocent victim of a fascist police cover-up or a baby shooting thug. The point of the trial is to present evidence to 12 unbiased jurors and let them sort it out.

I’m just glad I don’t live in Marietta.


Punks, Butchers, and Cowards

I’ve had a couple of evil things bothering me lately:

First, how do you get evil enough in seventeen years that you can shoot a baby in the face?
Second, how do you ever get evil enough that you are able to kill a baby by cutting its spinal cord?
Finally, what kind of twisted, evil person would build two bombs to maim total strangers?

I don’t have any answers. I’m not even sure that a sane person can answer these questions.

I feel like I have to do something constructive. “Give me an occupation, or I shall run mad.”

I’ve only come up one thing so far and it doesn’t help with the first two problems.

Later today I’ll donate a unit of blood. I realize it’s a mostly symbolic gesture. While hospitals in Boston must have used a truckload of blood patching up all of those wounded in the bombing, I’m not close enough that my blood will be used to replace blood used on Monday. Still, it’s something.